From Our Partners

From Our Partners

January 5, 2019 Uncategorized 0

Statement from Agua para el Pueblo

“Agua Para el Pueblo (APP) has been fortunate to work with our friends at PCWE for many years.  Their passion is to bring clean drinking water to the neediest Honduran citizens and the funding that PCWE donates has allowed us to jointly serve more than 15 communities in the Copan region of Honduras.  PCWE also participates by working directly with the beneficiaries of the water delivery systems – often local farmers and their families who welcome APP and PCWE by sharing their food, culture and friendship.

The beneficiaries of the projects are very humble people who have never had water in their homes, typically using water from superficial sources which are often exposed to pollution, and are a great distance from their homes.  It is most often women and children who are responsible for collecting water, which means that school attendance isn’t what it might otherwise be.  The addition of sanitary latrines directly addresses a number of basic hygiene needs and combats infant mortality, specifically diarrhea, which is one of the country’s leading causes of infant mortality.

APP provides the technical feasibility assessments and studies, generates project designs and establishes the project budgets.  Within each project, APP adheres to a UNICEF-recommended program called Healthy Home and School Initiative (ESCASAL), which educates citizens about the best practices for hygiene using clean water including hand washing, the importance of drinking clean water only, use and management of latrines, cleanliness of the home environment, confinement of poultry and domestic animals, and the protection of water sources.  We have enjoyed a genuine partnership and many personal friendships with the people of PCWE and enjoy working together to bring water to more people in order that they might live more dignified and healthy lives.”

Jacobo Nunez, Executive Director, APP