2024 Trip Details

Feb 10-17

We have a full group of volunteers serving several villages in Honduras again this year.

A special thank you to all of those who contributed to our annual fundraiser and provided the donations needed to make this trip possible!

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Who We Are

The Partnership for Clean Water and Education (PCWE) is a group of faithful volunteers committed to mission-oriented work that changes lives through the gift of clean, plentiful water.

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What We Do

PCWE’s premiere partnership is with the Honduran non-profit, Agua Para el Pueblo, or Water for the People (http://www.apphonduras.org).  Through generous donations, we work with Water for the People to provide the funding, planning, and installation of gravity-fed clean water systems which permanently change lives.


Special Project-Letter Exchange

A Letter From Our Partners

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Special Project- Plan Grande

Why It Matters

Active participation is central to the work we do, being physically and spiritually present, and working side by side with the residents of the communities which we are called to serve.

“We can make a difference! I am so thankful for recognizing the things I take for granted and how blessed I am in my everyday life.  What an eye opening experience, these trips are very humbling. The human spirit is a wonderful thing. Memories forever!”

Knute Bidne

“I’ve gone to Honduras with PCWE for many years and come back energized in different ways each time. Sure, we’re committed financially to the projects, but offering monetary support is nowhere near as impactful as the sweat equity of building these gravity-fed clean water delivery systems, working side by side with those whom we are serving. That kind of personal involvement is intentional evidence that we’re interested in much more than a photo opportunity.”

Jeff Grimm

“It’s not cliche to say that we get more than we give through our involvement with PCWE. Having participated for many years, it’s remarkable to consider how many lives we’ve helped to permanently improve. But it’s a sense of humility and pride that we gain through our financial and physical commitments to the projects for those whom we’re serving. It’s really quite an experience to joyfully help as we are able.”

Henry Stribling








How you can help

PCWE is interested in connecting with like-minded individuals and organizations to meet needs where they exist in the United States and around the world.  We’re grateful for your interest, whether as an advocate, a participant or a donor:


Pray For Us

For those whom we serve, for the work that we do, as His hand and feet on the earth.

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Join Us

Can you see yourself joining a mission team to personally help build out a clean water system?

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We are a zero-overhead non-profit, meaning every dollar donated goes directly to the work we have been given to do.  (PCWE volunteer Board Members divide and conquer the routine administration and management responsibilities of the non-profit.)

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Spread The Word

Be an advocate. Like our page and share it with your friends.  Help us get the word out!

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